Brain training based on activities of daily living

Brain training based on activities of daily living

Professional brain games on

Neurorehabilitation platform for professionals

NeuronUP offers brain training tools with high customization, specially designed for neuropsychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and clinical staff.

One good app online for train your brain. Try neuronUP software.

Motivating Brain Training

NeuronUP proposes a stimulating cognitive rehabilitation system based on exercises of daily living for Brain Injury, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Language Disorders, Intellectual Disability, Multiple Sclerosis…

Scientific brain games online

Scientific Supervision

NeuronUP is based on a theoretical framework, validated and supervised by a scientific committee of experts in cognitive rehabilitation. Our theoretical framework is based on personalization, ecological validity and professional therapeutic intervention of brain training.

Brain Training – New York – Miami – USA

NeuronUP is a web platform which provides material for professionals who work in neurorehabilitation and cognitive stimulation. Our main goal is saving professional’s time when they are designed the intervention. Besides, we have kept in mind the importance of personalization and ecological validity. For this reason, most of our activities can be customize. It is focused on the brain training of brain damage, neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders, intellectual disability , mental illness and normal aging.

brain games online

Save time and money

Efficient planning sessions and eliminate downtime. A fundamental support tool in Neuropsychological Rehab and Cognitive Stimulation processes.

games training brain and much more. Like a GYM for your brain.

More than 6,000 activities

Rehab strategies based on Activities of Daily Life (ADL). About 3,000 additional resources. Content developed by neuropsychologists.

games for training brain and much more online

Personalized Brain Training

Intensive therapy both face-to-face and online. Adapt every activity to the functional level of the user and maximize the personalization of the treatment.

Train your brain and take care of your health with neuronUP games.


Personalized sessions to do at home. Accesible anytime anywhere, 24/7 service only an internet connection is required.

games for training brain

Multi-format therapy

The exercises can be done by using paper and pen, computer or using touch screens.

Train your brain with neuronUP games.

User Management

Create personalized sessions and track the evolution of your patients.

  • ”NeuronUP is an interactive platform with countless valuable activities for cognitive training. It offers a friendly interface that progressively adapts the difficulty level while keeping track of progress. Furthermore, it allows users to control the language used, and the variety, focus, and length of the activities.”

  • ”Gives the possibility to generate endless activities so that the student does not get bored by repeating the same exercises over and over.”


  • “The program has enormous potential and flexibility. Very ecological.”


  • “Makes it possible to do computerized cognitive stimulation in a much more personalized format than that of other platforms.”


  • “Quick access and systematized daily activities for neuropsychological rehabilitation in a very user friendly environment for both patient and therapist.”


  • “It is a tool that facilitates individualized intervention with a savings of time in planning and computer support for record keeping and evaluation of the same, for each user, allowing intervention to be adapted according to need.”


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