Praxis refers to learned motor activity. In other words, praxis is the generation of volitional movement for the performance of a particular action or towards achieving a goal. Today, we recommend five exercises to improve praxis.

Different types of praxis include:

  • Ideomotor praxis: the ability to perform intentional movements or simple gestures.
  • Ideational praxis: the ability to manipulate objects/tools in a sequence of motor actions involving knowledge of object function, knowledge of action, and knowledge of serial order.
  • Facial praxis: the ability to perform intentional movements or gestures with different parts of the face: lips, tongue, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, etc.
  • Visuoconstructive praxis: the ability to plan and execute the movements necessary to organize a series of elements in space to draw or copy a figure.

When do we use praxis?

Any motor activity involves using this cognitive function. Basic activities such as talking, smiling, walking, or getting dressed all involve this ability.

5 Exercises to improve praxis with your patients

Last week, we recommended 5 cognitive stimulation worksheets to improve gnosis and today, we recommend five exercises to improve praxis.

  1. Getting Dressed

This first activity targets ideational praxis.This exercise involves dressing a doll figure appropriately, taking into account both the part of the body where each item of clothing goes and dressing in a sequential fashion, as well as selecting clothing appropriate to occasion (whether it is hot or cold outside, to go to the beach or the mountain, etc.).

This activity also focuses on procedural memory, body schema, semantic memory, and planning.

Exercises to improve praxis-Getting Dressed

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  1. Mixed Images

In this activity specifically designed for children, kids must move the pieces of the image until they create a complete image.This exercise targets visuoconstructive praxis, planning, and spatial relations.

Ejercicios para trabajar las praxias- imágenes revueltas-Exercises to improve praxis

Can the kids put it together correctly?

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