You need to train your attention in order to improve it. Here are some exercises to improve attention in children and adults developed by NeuronUP:

Exercises to improve attention

1. Matching Shapes

This first activity is perfect for training selective attention in adults. The client has to find the matching shapes among various figures. The therapist will select the level of difficulty (from basic to advanced) that is most appropriate for the given individual:

Basic Level

ejercicios para mejorar la atención_Encontrar las figuras iguales-fácil- exercises to improve attention

Advanced Level

ejercicios para mejorar la atención_Encontrar las figuras iguales-difícil-exercises to improve attention

2. Organize the Bookcase

This exercise to improve attention requires a great deal of concentration. The client has to organize the objects in the bookcase just like in the model but must pay close attention because the model is in a mirror! This activity targets sustained attention and selective attention, as well as hemineglect, spatial relations, and processing speed.

Do you want to try it?

ejercicios para mejorar la atención_Ordena la estantería-exercises to improve attention

This should be the result. Did it turn out well?

ejercicios para mejorar la atención_Encontrar las figuras iguales-corrección-exercises to improve attention

If you would like to try more NeuronUP exercises to train your patients, request our free demo by clicking here:


3. Picture Maze

This activity to improve attention is designed exclusively for children. In this exercise, the child has to travel along a maze of pictures following various instructions while alternating from one figure to another. This activity trains selective attention and alternating attention.

First try at basic level.

Basic Level

In this example, the client has to help Oscar score a basket. To do so, John has to:

  1. Travel from one square to another until reaching the blue square.
  2. Then follow the red circles until arriving at the blue circle.
  3. Switch again to the red squares until you reach the basket.

ejercicios para mejorar la atención_El laberinto animado-fácil-exercises to improve attention

Check the solution below to see if you got it right.

ejercicios para mejorar la atención_El laberinto animado-fácil corregido-exercises to improve attention

And now, do you dare to do the advanced level?

Advanced Level

In this case you have to help Rich get in shape. To do so, you have to go from asparagus to right-pointing fish, to asparagus again, and so on and so forth until the end. And here’s a clue: you can move diagonally as well!

ejercicios para mejorar la atención_El laberinto animado-avanzado-exercises to improve attention

More complicated, right? Check out the solution in the picture below:

ejercicios para mejorar la atención_El laberinto animado-avanzado-corregido-exercises to improve attention

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