“Working to ensure that science is no longer a bargaining chip”. With this noble and ambitious goal in mind, the project Hablemos de Neurociencia was founded in 2015, a website that aims at bringing the broad and complex field of neuroscience to wider audiences. The founder of the project, Carla A. Carvalho Gómez, tells us about it.

1. What is Hablemos de Neurociencia?

Carla A. Carvalho Gómez, a graduate student of neuropsychology, started the project Hablemos de Neurocienciain the summer of 2015 with the primary goal of bringing the broad and complex field of neuroscience to all interested parties, both professionals and non-professionals, and offering a new perspective: scientific dissemination without limits.

To this end, we provide daily informative articles in clear and concise language from a multidisciplinary approach to neuroscience, from the perspective of neuropsychology, speech therapy, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, and even physiotherapy.

2. How did the project start?

During my internship as a graduate student, I identified a need for establishing a bidirectional relationship among the different professionals involved in the rehabilitation process of patients who had sustained or sustained brain injury.

My interest in understanding the work done by the different professionals involved in the aforementioned process, led me to carry out some research whose main goal was to find a platform that, in my view, would combine all the information necessary to understand this complex process.

However, after months of unfruitful research, I decided to start my own blog. I started off by writing about neuropsychology, my field of training.

I still remember the first five ‘likes’, the 20 first visits to my website, all from my family members who got together t0 encourage me to undertake this project.

Six months later, I was contacted by professionals who wanted to contributeto my blog, my little blog.

At this point, I decided to take a radical turn and create my own brand. I decided to risk everything and invest in this project, which has entailed great expense. This is how we, little by little, were able to add new sections until reaching the nine which make up the project right now. great

There is no doubt, however, that the project’s most significant accomplishment arrived thanks to Javier Tirapu, good friend and highly regarded professional in neuropsychology who, without any hesitation, decided to back the project by becoming our first interviewee.

From then on, everything went smoothly, although much remains to be done and we still have a long road ahead of us.

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