An occupational therapist, better known as an OT, is a professional who studied in the university in order to get a degree that certified them as a qualified person to perform these activities.

Usually can get a bachelor degree in occupational therapy in a university or can study a post grad course that is approved by the HCPC, which is the Health and Care Professions Council.

Also a person can be an occupational therapist by working as a support staff of another OT on the job.

The occupational therapist is considered an allied in the health field, even though is not a doctor they can be very helpful and useful for any type of patient who requires assistance for improving their motor skills that were damaged by some disease or accident.

These motor skills that everyone performs as a daily basis can be a real struggle to the people who are no longer capable to do them anymore so easily.

When somebody has to live with an illness, injury or disability can be very depressing to not being able to perform daily tasks, especially if before the sickness episode they were capable to do them.

This is the moment when the occupational therapist can be very useful for them, because the goal of the therapy is to promote health and well being to the person affected.

What does an occupational therapist do?

An OT is a health professional who is focused and centered in their client’s needs, with the aim of promoting their participation in the activities of daily life.

The occupational therapy is designed to help people of all ages, from babies to elders, to acquire or regain the motor skills that allow them to get more involved in life by performing activities or occupations.

These daily activities can be so easy for the rest of the people, but for the patient are very hard to achieve.

Activities like eating alone, going to the bathroom alone or getting dressed alone can be very challenging for the patient, but the OT can help them to dominate these tasks.

Since every patient is different and each one can have a different disease, illness or disability, the OT has to be very well trained to design and apply the best strategy to help the patient to recover and to try to have a normal life.

Even though it might seem like a minor thing, it is a huge study field, and every day is growing more and more in order to develop new methods and techniques that can be applied to the patients and get successful results.

Actually, it is a very diverse career that involves several knowledge in different areas that are needed to help a patient, like a baby who has developmental delays, or like an elderly person who needs end-of-life care.

Every occupational therapist is oriented to a specific field of study, since it is not advisable that everyone do everything, it is better if each professional is well trained in just one field, this way they can become the best specialists and can help more people, because they have more knowledge that can be applied to the patient.

There are wide ranges of health problems and the occupational therapists work with patients who are suffering one of these issues.

What are the strategies used by the occupational therapist?

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